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Past Corporate partners include:

Knock Knock Stuff

A big thank you to Knock Knock, who gave our photo winner a prize pack including:

Rogue Tax Professionals

High-fives to the whole team at Rogue Tax Professionals in Oregon for sponsoring part of National High Five Day with a charitable contribution to cancer research!

They are the Official Tax Professionals of National High Five Day 2014 -- eat that Olympic sponsors! 

Knowble Media

Thanks so much for Knowble Media for creating the video for the 2014 National High-5-A-Thon For Cancer Research! 

These guys make great video content!


Big high-five to Postano for creating the back-end technology for the #NH5D Livestream!

                Companies who have celebrated NH5D on Twitter include: 

                       McDonalds                      American Express                  Sprite                       Wheat Thins

                       Subway                           Subaru                                    AMC Theaters         Arby's

                       Southwest Airlines          Slim Jim                                   Dr. Pepper              Budweiser

                       Bing                                Hampton Hotels                      Snapple                   Best Buy