connecting your brand to america’s greatest modern holiday

National High Five Day is huge, and it’s getting bigger. It became the #1 worldwide trending topic on April 19, 2018, generating over 500,000 impressions for our sponsor and charity partner. It draws massive press coverage, and dozens of celebrity tweets. The day is fun, inclusive and participatory — it brings people together at a time when we all crave togetherness.

In 2020, we’re looking for partners to help us expand into experiential activations, user-generated challenges, branded content and in-store events. All funds will be donated to CoachArt, a nonprofit providing free sports and arts lessons to kids impacted by chronic illness kids.

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To be a 2020 National High Five Day sponsor, companies agree to:
- make a 100% tax deductible donation to our 501(c)3 charity partner CoachArt
- help promote the holiday
- give a tremendous amount of high fives

Companies who sponsor National High Five Day are prominently recognized: 
- in our annual "Happy National High Five Day" posts on FB and Twitter (anticipated 1 million+ impressions)
- on the National High Five Day website
- on the CoachArt website
- by all National High Five Day and CoachArt social media accounts

Our 2020 sponsors will make a huge difference -- and so we want to recognize you for that!


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brand partners (past and present)

Knock Knock Stuff

A big thank you to Knock Knock, who gave our photo winner a prize pack including:

Rogue Tax Professionals

High-fives to the whole team at Rogue Tax Professionals in Oregon for sponsoring part of National High Five Day with a charitable contribution to cancer research!

They are the Official Tax Professionals of National High Five Day 2014 -- eat that Olympic sponsors! 

Knowble Media

Thanks so much for Knowble Media for creating the video for the 2014 National High-5-A-Thon For Cancer Research! 

These guys make great video content!


Big high-five to Postano for creating the back-end technology for the #NH5D Livestream!

                Companies who have celebrated NH5D on Twitter include: 

                       McDonalds                      American Express                  Sprite                       Wheat Thins

                       Subway                           Subaru                                    AMC Theaters         Arby's

                       Southwest Airlines          Slim Jim                                   Dr. Pepper              Budweiser

                       Bing                                Hampton Hotels                      Snapple                   Best Buy