This year, two high-five related products are donating a portion of their proceeds to the National High-5-A-Thon For Cancer Research.

So high-5'ers, grab one of these fun products to use on NH5D -- your purchase will go to a good cause! 


The Fiesta Five

You know that feeling when you give the perfect high-five? Multiply it by fireworks.  When we set out to enhance one of the most common forms of celebration known to mankind, our first focus was make it consistently awesome.  The Fiesta-Five gives you that satisfying thunderclap every-time, without hurting your hand.  Add a shower of colored confetti and it’ll be your cheeks that are hurting from smiling so hard!

Purchase at is a high five device and/or a coat/tie/hat hanger. Cable wrangler. Key ring holder. Dog instigator. Baby humanizer. Happiness inducer. Stress breaker and certainly, a smile maker. But, still yet, a lot of things not yet thought of. 

Purchase at

These are both fun products with fun websites -- check them out today!